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How to Replace a Tailgate Locking Assembly

The tailgate locking assembly on your vehicle is responsible for the movement of the lock.

How to Replace a Tailgate Lock Solenoid

The tailgate lock solenoid on your car trunk or truck tailgate is located inside your tailgate lock actuator.

How to Replace a Tailgate Lock Cylinder

A tailgate lock cylinder is the actual device that accepts the proper key, and allows the cylinder to unlock the unit inside that is securing the tailgate handle.

How Long Does a Tailgate Locking Assembly Last?

For those that own a truck the ability to stow items in the back is a huge draw.

How Long Does a Tailgate Lock Solenoid Last?

If you drive a truck and more specifically if you drive a truck that offers keyless entry, then getting into your tailgate is both fast and easy.

Symptoms of a Bad or Failing Tailgate Locking Assembly

If you own a truck and want to be sure that the contents you store in the truck bed remain safe, one option is to purchase a tonneau cover.

How to Host a Tailgate Party like a Pro

The best tailgate parties require preparation and bringing the correct party materials.