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It's pretty common knowledge - especially if you're the type to regularly visit sites such as AutoblogGreen and its ilk - that it's simply cheaper to drive a mile on electrical power than on gasoline. We also know that it is inefficient to convert oil sands into usable fuel relative to other sources of oil. Yet the demand for gasoline remains high, mining the tar sands of Canada remains profitable and it has also undeniably created a lot of jobs, so that petroleum is coming out of the ground.

Houston-based Greenstar Recycling has teamed up with Cleveland-based Vadxx Energy to convert recovered (a.k.a. recycled) plastic into synthetic crude oil. Under terms of this joint venture, Greenstar and Vadxx will work hand-in-hand to provide a domestically manufactured fuel made entirely from discarded plastics. Using a proprietary process, Vadxx manufactures synthetic crude oil and natural gas by using a feedstock that consists of petroleum-based plastics in a process called thermal depolymer