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Suzuki suspends WRC program

Another one bites the dust. Today was the deadline for manufacturers to announce their intentions to race in the FIA World Rally Championship for 2009, and Suzuki saw fit to let its entry expire after just a single year of competition. The Japanese automaker calls the move a countermeasure to "the contraction of the automotive sales caused by recent global economic turmoil." In other words, fewer car sales mean less excess money for racin

Don't believe the hype: Suzuki won't be producing roadgoing rally-inspired SX4

A number of rumors began circulating the Web yesterday that contend Suzuki is in the process of building a homologation special out of its SX4 AWD hatch to take on the WRXs of the world. The idea was that Suzuki would enlist some of the technology derived from its WRC contender and it would form the basis of an "SX4 Sport," likely packing a 200+ HP turbocharged motor, along with upgraded brakes and a suspension tuned by rally savant Nobuhiro Tajima.

Suzuki SX4 WRC takes to the tarmac

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