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Suzuki and Volkswagen have officially ended their partnership after a new settlement resolved the final dispute.

Volkswagen and Suzuki have been undergoing marriage counseling in a bid to avoid finalizing their nasty divorce. The union has been troubled for some time, with Volkswagen claiming that it could affect operational decisions at Suzuki, and the Japanese brand's sniping and constant flirting with a certain Italian temptress causing rifts.

The partnership beween Volkswagen and Suzuki is more than two years old, yet in that time, more acrimony and court proceedings have been created than jointly developed products – not hard to do when that product number is zero. Continent-crossing accusations have included Suzuki being upset at how VW has characterized the relationship and that VW hasn't shared its technology, while the German automaker has been miffed at Suzuki buying diesel engines from Fiat.

After two years, Suzuki has finally moved to sever its partnership with Volkswagen. The Japanese automaker claims that Volkswagen has blocked the company's attempts to access core technology as part of the original agreement, and that the two had issues seeing eye to eye on Suzuki independence. Suzuki also claims that Volkswagen has refused to resolve these issues through negotiation.

Volkswagen and Suzuki may be headed back to the drawing board to re-outline the nature of the two automakers' partnership. Both companies have expressed their frustrations with the way that the German manufacturer's 20-percent stake in its Japanese associate has worked out thus far, with VW taking to the press to say that Suzuki isn't willing to reciprocate technology and Suzuki claiming that Volkswagen is attempting to poach its autonomy. So far, the partnership has sounded like a match made in

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