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Loris Capirossi, who usually races on two wheels in MotoGP, will give it a go on four wheels, though he'll be remaining loyal to the Suzuki brand in the process. The race will take place on November 8 in Aldershot, U.K. as part of the Suzuki Swift Sport Cup rally racing series that we told you about last April. The Italian motorcycle racer has driven in rally events in the past, but his low experience level against the talented crew of professional rally drivers will make the successful MotoGP r

In the United States, Suzuki is more known for its superlative motorcycles than mainstream automobiles. It is a notion that has even been played upon by the manufacturer's marketing department in recent commercials. In other parts of the world though, particularly in places where small cars garner more of a following, the small Japanese compacts are popular enough to get their own race series. The inaugural Suzuki Swift Sport Cup kicked off in New Zealand back last November and culminated last m