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Video captured at a gas station in Jerusalem shows a woman starting a fire after a motorist filling up his Suzuki Splash refused to give her a cigarette.

Although it is undoubtedly toned down a bit, Suzuki has been able to create what appears to be a nearly production-ready version of the A-Star concept it showed at the last New Delhi Motor Show just six months ago. The Indian release of the new car indicates just how important the emerging markets are to automakers, though the A-Star is likely to be available in most every country besides North America. Looking over the shots, evidence of cost-cutting is rather obvious, especially in the hard pl

Last month we had the Triplets, and yesterday two more small city cars were announced, the GM Agila and the Suzuki Splash. It's a good time for small car fans, and there will be more and more fans if gas in America stays above $3/gallon for a while. Would you drive one?

Suzuki has set up a mini-site offering us a glimpse of its upcoming Splash concept set to debut at the Paris Motor Show that we reported on last month. The sneak peek comes at a price, however, particularly for those who suffer from epileptic seizures. Too many jump cuts made this blogger throw up in his mouth a little and fall of the chair. We were going to laboriously screen capture each image for you, but we're not sadists and found that our sadist friends over at Jalopnik had already done it