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In the market for a new car this summer? Has it been long enough since the last gas price spike that you're not really worried about possible pain at the pump? If so, then you're like a lot of U.S. car buyers right now, according to new figures from AutoTrader.com.

2011 Infiniti QX56 – Click above for high-res image gallery

The fickle nature of the American consumer is on obvious display in car dealerships across the country right now. With the government sponsoring a giant garage cleaning through the CARS ("cash for clunkers") program, people are taking old vehicles and turning them into new ones, with a fancy $4,500 check attached. Now that CARS has been active for a short while, early numbers are in: the trucks and SUVs that were so incredibly popular just a few years ago are being dumped by the thousands for sm

By now we all know that the market for large trucks and SUVs has become a black hole for both U.S. and Japanese automakers here on this side of the Atlantic. It looks like the same holds true over on the continent where fuel prices have approached $10 a gallon in many places. Much like the U.S. market, sales of SUVs in Europe have dropped by 44.4 percent so far in 2008. Perhaps more worrying to companies like Mercedes-Benz and BMW is that large cars have also dropped by nearly 30 percent. BMW al

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If you've been holding your breath in anticipation of General Motors redesigning its trucks and SUVs, you're probably going to pass out so start breathing again. According to reports, it's gonna be a while. GM has announced that it's postponed any planned redesigns of its pickups and SUVs to a future date sometime beyond their previously planned 2012 redesigns. What'll it do with the extra time and money? Pouring over its entire product lineup to provide the most fuel efficient vehicles possible

Ford has seen the writing on the wall for sales of the Expedition and Lincoln Navigator full-size SUVs. Both vehicles are built at the Michigan Truck Plant in Wayne, MI and sales of both have tanked this year. With gas at $4/gallon 37 percent fewer buyers have decided that a Navigator is a must have this year and 43 percent have opted for something other than the Expedition. Rather than stockpiling more SUVs that they have no realistic expectation of selling anytime soon, Ford will be sending wo

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