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Woman survives six days in Arizona desert after crash

Rescued by a rancher and highway workers who were chasing a cow

She was rescued by a rancher and highway workers who were chasing a cow.

Woman who survived plunge off Big Sur cliff posts pics of wrecked Jeep

Further proof it's remarkable she survived

Further proof it's remarkable she survived.

Survive in your car for just $25

We've never had the pleasure of being stranded in our cars, relying on our dormant Order of the Arrow skills. Turns out, though, you only need $25 to ensure your co-pilot doesn't turn into a giant pot roast before your eyes. The resourceful folks over at Backwoods Home have given considerable thought to the possibility of riding out a stranding and coming out of it well-fed, clear eyed, and rested.

Hammond to BBC: show the crash and me in the hospital

From his hospital bed, Top Gear's Richard Hammond is asking the BBC to show on television the footage of the crash that put him there. But the BBC has said the show will only continue when Hammond is able to appear on it. With forces at work to have the show canceled (or prohibitively curtailed), the Hamster is also prepared to go on TV from his bedside.