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Uber charges rider over $14,000 for ride across Toronto

Surge pricing at its worst.

You could buy a car for that price.

Uber's New Year's surge pricing will peak between midnight and 3 am

Here are some tips for Uber's predicted 15 million customers this weekend.

New Year's is going to be a big night for Uber.

Uber says you're willing to pay more when your phone is dying

Uber users tend to overlook the increased rates of surge pricing when their phone battery is running low.

Uber CEO faces class-action lawsuit over price fixing

After failing to get a class-action lawsuit dismissed, Uber CEO Travis Kalanick will go to court over price fixing claims.

You can only watch YACHT's music video when Uber surge pricing hits LA

The band YACHT has a new record coming out next month, but the video for "LA Plays Itself" can only be viewed when Uber's surge pricing goes into effect in Los Angeles.

Uber enabled surge pricing in downtown Sydney during hostage crisis [UPDATE]

UPDATE: Uber spokesperson Katie Curran sent a statement about the company's response. It can be read below.