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Report: Visteon reaches pension agreement with Ford, eyes bankruptcy exit

Automobile parts supplier Visteon appears to be closer than ever to exiting bankruptcy after 15 long months of proceedings, with the help of the company's one-time master. The Detroit Free Press is reporting that Ford has agreed to waive $268 million in pension and retiree claims, relieving the troubled supplier of still more debt obl

Frost & Sullivan: EV production could be hindered by shortage of battery parts

Nissan Leaf battery pack – Click above for high-res image gallery

Suppliers fuming over shift towards in-house production of hybrid and EV parts

Not too long ago, most automakers saw no reason to produce components like electric motors for hybrids or electric vehicle batteries in-house. That's what outside suppliers were for. This decision was largely based on cost. For major automakers, producing parts for hy

Report: Ford, GM make quality gains in new supplier study

Detroit automakers have a long history of less-than-rosy relations with their supply bases, while Toyota and Honda worked to keep their suppliers happy. But Detroit automakers have been promising to improve supplier relationships, and

Striking UAW and American Axle will sit down and talk today

The nine-day-old UAW strike on American Axle has already halted production at five GM plants and seven suppliers, and the two sides have yet to hit the bargaining table. That will change today, as both sides at least agree that they should be trying to reach an accord. The two sides

GM demanding suppliers must outsource from low cost nations?

Oh, the peril of being a company in a global economy" that has survived in part by virtue of its customers' "Buy American" attitude. Gneral Motors is clearly stating that it has no official plan to force suppliers to go to low-cost countries (LCC; also known by the euphemism "leading cost countries"), despite the fact that recent bid packages were accompanied by a list of "approved" countries. Sup