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Toyota has a long history of building high-quality cars and trucks, but the recent recall of over eight million vehicles for unintended acceleration-related issues showed that no company is without flaws. Toyota has since worked hard to correct the chinks in its armor, adding 40 quality engineers in Toyota City and another three chief engineers at its technical center in Ann Arbor to help prevent defects from reaching its customers in the future. At the same time, Toyota is in the process of aud

Suppliers are the lifeblood of the auto industry, and as Ford can attest, little can be built without the parts produced by said partners. Workers at Ford's Dearborn truck plant were sent home yesterday, as a vital supplier's logistical problems left the plant without the needed parts to make trucks. Workers were told not to return to work until Thursday, which would leave Ford with about two days of lost production of its best-selling vehicle. Ford's Kansas City assembly plant has also been aff