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New supercomputer may speed arrival of fully autonomous cars

Volvo And Nvidia Launch Supercomputer Pilot Program In Sweden

A new super computing platform speeds processing times 10 times over, potentially paving the way for self-driving cars to arrive sooner than anticipated.

DOE awards supercomputing time to research biofuels, climate change

The Department of Energy is awarding 1.7 billion processor hours to 57 research projects covering everything from biofuels to climate change. This is the largest award of supercomputing time that has been granted under the INCITE (Innovative and Novel Computational Impact on Theory and Experiment) program and the lucky researchers will be able to use two of the fastest supercomputers in existence, the IBM Blue Gene/P ("Intrepid") at DOE's Argonne National Laboratory and the Cray XT5 ("Jaguar") a

A video game to find oil and gas... sounds like a potential best-seller!

Video games have been a popular topic this week on AutoblogGreen. Just a few days ago, we shared news about racing a Tesla Roadster against a Ferrari in the upcoming game Project Gotham Racing 4. While that sounds way cooler than digging around looking for oil, the same computers could be used for developing both, according to Jeremy Korzeniewski