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Lamborghini Aventador successor to use supercapacitors instead of batteries?

And could there be another special Aventador to celebrate final non-hybrid V12?

And could there be another special Aventador to celebrate final non-hybrid V12?

Lamborghini LB48H hypercar due next year: You might even say it glows

It's said to have supercapacitors and glow-in-the-dark bodywork

Supercapacitors and glow-in-the-dark bodywork rumored, too.

MIT adds new material to supercapacitor for better EVs, maybe

The secret lies in the metal-organic frameworks.

Raise your hand if you know what a metal-organic framework is. We didn't.

How Toyota's Le Mans racer may make its next Prius even better

The supercapacitor technology in the Toyota TS040 "offers great possibility for production car use." – Amanda Rice, Toyota

Hydrogen fuel cells plus supercapacitors make most-efficient powertrain

A presentation made by Belgian researchers at Electric Vehicle Symposium (EVS) 27 in Barcelona might irk fans of battery-driven EVs. A new study found that the numbers prove fuel cell hybrid electric vehicle (FCHEV) powertrains partnered with supercapacitors have better fuel economy than powertrains that blend a fuel cell and a battery.

GM looking into supercaps with li-ion batteries for next-gen E-Flex

Like Indiana Jones and some sort of Ark or Tomb or Crystal Skull, today's automotive engineers are always looking for better ways to capture, store and release electrical energy for future hybrids and EVs. Green Car Congress says that GM is "actively exploring" at combining supercapacitors with li-ion batteries for the next generation of E-Flex vehicles (read: don't expect in the 2010 Volt). Speaking at the Advan

Nanotech strikes again! University of Arizona creates new capacitor technology

Readers who are familiar with hybrid and electric vehicle drivetrains will already know what a capacitor is, but here is a brief explanation. A battery is a chemical means of storing electricity, while a capacitor is a mechanical means of storing electricity. Both can be recharged, and both can be discharged. One reason to choose a capacitor