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Click above for a gallery illustrating what's on the block from Super Aguri.

Super Aguri announced today that it would immediately be ending its participation in Formula 1 after funding for the team has all but dried up. The news comes not long after Super Aguri was denied access to the Turkish Grand Prix paddock area due to its mounting financial issues. Honda has been Super Aguri's main source of funding, but is apparently tired of diverting money from its own F1 team despite pronouncing as recently as last December that it would fund the Honda "B-squad" through the 20

Reports are surfacing that the Super Aguri F1 team has been turned away from the Turkish Grand Prix's paddock. The denial of access occurred because of financial complications. Team supporter Honda contacted Formula One Management and informed the organization that they would not be providing any more assistance to the struggling team. With no one left to pay the bills, Super Aguri was left stranded outside of the track gates.