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2011 Ford Super Duty – Click above for high-res image gallery

click above image to view 20 high-res pics of the 2008 Buick LaCrosse Super

After recent disagreements with engine supplier Navistar, as well as dealing with Super Dutys that perform roman candle impressions, Ford is accelerating development of a new diesel engine for its burliest of pickups. Ford and Navistar played chicken earlier this year over warranty costs for the older 6-liter Powerstroke V8. That engine had a high number of issues that led to Ford covering repair costs. Ford in turn sued Navistar, the engine supplier, and held back payments for the new 6.4-liter

We were excited to announce when Bob Lutz confirmed that GM was working on a higher-performance version of the Corvette. The announcement finally vindicated all those spy shots of a suped-up Corvette test mule, dubbed the "Blue Devil", that was caught undergoing developmental testing for so long. And it gave fans of American muscle something to look forward to in the wake of the new 600-horsepower Dodge Viper.

We reported early last year that the Buick LaCrosse would likely be getting a Super Sport or Sport model boasting a 300-horsepower V8. The program is still ongoing and we found this most recent spy shot published on the Detroit News Insider (our intel, however, reveals this shot was taken in November of 2006). As reported, the LaCrosse Sport will have a front end tweaked to recall the 2004 Velite Concept with a new grille shape and different headlights. Though not shown on this mule, there will

A couple of weeks ago, we brought you spy shots of a Jaguar XK test mule undergoing testing. Some sources suggested this was a facelift on the entire XK range, while others, recognizing the features of the supercharged XKR on the test mule, concluded this could be an even more suped-up version of the supercat. Now reports are surfacing that Jaguar is preparing the latter, tipped to be called the Jaguar XKR-R.