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Sunday Drive: Spying an automotive future of performance

Plus: The most fuel efficient Wrangler that Jeep has ever produced

I spy, with my little eye ... the future of the automotive world here in the United States. That pretty much sums up this week's Sunday Drive, in which we pull out the most popular stories on Autoblog of the previous week and try to draw some sort of conclusion as to what binds them all together. This week, it's spy shots, starting with one of the biggest and baddest muscle cars the world has ever seen: the Dodge Challenger Hellcat.

Sunday Drive: One of these things is not like the others

The Camaro gets a new face while Ford shifts its Focus

One of these things is not like the others. And we don't mean that one is a Chevy while the rest are all from Ford. No, what we're looking at here are a bunch of performance cars, with one lone economy car thrown in for good measure.

Sunday Drive: Rendering the future at Jeep and Ford

Plus, a famous pair of tuners in Shelby and Hennessey

Last week brought us quite a wide variety of automotive news nuggets, and judging by the response of our own readership, the Jeep Wrangler pickup truck led the way. It's not expected to hit the sales floor until April of 2019, which means we've all got an entire year to wait, but that just means we have lots of time to anticipate its arrival. And we do so today with a series of renderings that show what the so-called Scrambler may look like in a few different colors.

Sunday Drive: Classic American nameplates and one exciting new German

Today's look back at last week's biggest automotive stories focuses first on the Jeep Wagoneer, an unequivocal American classic. Not only did it play a pivotal role in kicking off America's current sport utility vehicle craze, it legitimized the Jeep brand in the mind of consumers looking not just for something to ably take them off the beaten path, but to do so in comfort, with the entire family along for the ride. So it comes as little surprise that Jeep decided to take one vintage Wagoneer, m

Sunday Drive: Subaru Ascends up to the hottest market segment in America

Plus: How excited should we be about the upcoming Toyota Supra?

From crossovers to sportscars ... and the contents of a long-forgotten storage unit.

Sunday Drive: Tackling the trending trucks from Detroit

Spec-sheet comparison battles galore!

Comparing the newest fullsize and midsize pickup trucks, compact sedans, and a pair of Mustang coupes.

Sunday Drive: From a mid-engine 'Vette to a restomod RV

And everything in between.

You like supercars? We offer you the mid-engine Corvette. Pickup trucks? How about the 2019 Ram 1500. A vintage bus-turned-RV? Yep, we've even got that.

Sunday Drive: And now for something completely different

Crossovers for Millennials, luxury SUVs from Germany, plug-in hybrid sedans, and future trucks.

Sunday Drive: A new Rambo Lambo takes center stage

Three cheers for horsepower!

So, you say you like horsepower?

Sunday Drive: Still thankful for supercars

Something old, something new, and something racy.

A short week that wasn't short on supercars.

Sunday Drive: Performance comes in many shapes and sizes

From supercharged V8s to fancy electric motors and lithium ion batteries, last week was all about power.

Sunday Drive: Variety is the spice of life

Leading the way last week was the 2018 Jeep Wrangler.

They may not have much in common ... they do all have wheels and can get you from one place to another in style.

Sunday Drive: Trucks and SUVs of all shapes and sizes

The American automotive marketplace is dominated by trucks and SUVs, and so was the last week of coverage on Autoblog.

Sunday Drive: Tracking Tokyo's top performers

Seriously, how cool are those two concepts from Mazda?

Sunday Drive: Taking a gaze into the automotive crystal ball

Six cars, all coming for 2019, highlight the past week in automotive news.

Autoblog Sunday Drive: In the Valley of the Sun, Part I

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