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This foldable canoe makes traveling a breeze

Scratch your origami itch and your canoeing itch at the same time

Scratch your origami itch and your canoeing itch at the same time.

Ten minutes in a hot car proves too much for adults

To highlight the danger kids face during the summer Kars4Kids gave six adults a simple challenge: sit in a hot car for 10 minutes, win $100 bucks.

Six station wagons ideal for summer driving

Americans love summer road trips, and station wagons are ideal that purpose. With that in mind, we offer up six of our favorites that are ideal for summer fun.

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Gas prices for summer still look low even after spring surge

Drivers who have seen a steady rise in the price of gasoline can relax: They will almost certainly be paying far less for gas this summer than they have in at least six years.

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AAA predicts most holiday travelers in 10 years

With more money in their pockets thanks to lower gas prices and an improved job market, AAA expects more than 37 million Americans to travel for Memorial Day, the most since 2005.

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Cheap gas could cause increase in traffic deaths

Researcher Says Dramatic Spike Possible

Americans could pay a high price for cheap gas.

Summer gas prices expected to be 32 percent lower this year

Drivers will see the lowest summer gasoline prices in about 6 years, according to the Energy Department.

How To Keep Your Car Shiny This Summer

Follow these five easy steps and your car will look like new

When the sun shines and it's warm outside, everybody wants to have a car with shiny, beautiful paint. Like everything else on your car, its paint job needs to be maintained if you want it to look the same way it did when it rolled off the assembly line. Fortunately, keeping your ride's coat sharp isn't particularly difficult or expensive. Follow these five simple steps.

Tips For Avoiding An Overheating Engine

Tips for keeping your car running in the summer heat

Your car is doing a lot of work under that summer sun. If you don't treat it properly and know how to handle an overheating engine your car can turn from a prized possession and daily commuter into an elaborate paperweight. Along with the above video here are a few tips for keeping your car moving this summer.

Decline in U.S. summer gas use expected for first time in 17 years

Photo by X-eyedblonde. Licensed under Creative Commons license 2.0.

ABG POLL: What portion of your income do you spend on fuel?

We hear about rising fuel prices all the time and with the Northern Hemisphere Summer on its way, they're sure to rise further. But how much of an impact is fuel having on your hip pocket?

Gas to hit $3 a gallon again?

How much is filling up going to cost you this Summer?