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The environmentally clever zero landfill Subaru of Indiana Automotive (SIA) plant in Lafayette, Indiana won the Gold Achievement Award last week from the EPA. The award "honors the top achiever among more than 100 new participants in the agency's Waste Wise program," according to the local newspaper the Journal and Courier. The plant has made reusing and recycling part of the culture at the plant, said SIA senior VP Tom Easterday.

The website for Subaru of Indiana Automotive's (SIA) manufacturing plant in Lafayette, Indiana almost looks like an EPA page, full of talk of wetlands and wildlife. Considering how the plant operates, though, this isn't outrageous. This is Subaru's only plant in the U.S. and is where the Subaru Outback, Baja, Legacy and B9 Tribeca line of vehicles are made. The plant is green because nothing from the manufacturing process ever enters a landfill. Everything is recycled. Well, almost everything. S