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Check out the super-cool shifter.

Toyota calls the powertrain THS-R, or Toyota Hybrid System-Racing.

The FR-S is dead, long live the 86.

This one is an automatic.

No, the BRZ doesn't get a turbo.

The STI now has a whole 310 horsepower!

Which one, not based on a current economy model, is the best?

Unless you need exclusivity and that orange paint job, buy the Subaru.

Surprisingly, there are only nine two-door coupes on the market in America that are available for less than $30,000 new. Here's a list.

It's an STI Sport, not a full-blown STI. Sorry, guys.

The BRZ STI Sport Concept debuts alongside a similar number based on the WRX S4.

We talk winter tires and what we're driving in the early part of winter. And as always, we respond to your Spend My Money requests.

Toyota Europe confirms development of the car

Don't get your hopes up for a convertible.

The JDM frankensupercar will be Ryan Tuerck’s wild drift machine.

You have a Hellcat? That's cute.

Yes, it has more power. No, that's not the whole story.

This is not your typical V8 engine swap.

This Toyota GT86 gets an unusual powertrain from Italy.

BRZ Series.Yellow is a limited edition performance boosted Subaru for 2017. BRZ Series.Yellow, pairs a Limited trim level with boosted performance package.

The modest but meaningful changes mirror those already announced for the Toyota 86.

Instead of two liters, it's a two-cylinder with two electric motors.

Mississippi State University's Bagley College of Engineering has re-thought the sports coupe.

Hot on the heels of the freshly updated, no-longer-a-Scion Toyota 86, it appears the Subaru BRZ is also due for a refresh.

Subaru has a mid-engine hybrid powertrain under development in Japan, and it might power a future sports coupe someday. Total output could be north of 330 horsepower.

Everyday Practicality Trumps Sports Car

Cross-shopping a rally-bred Subaru WRX with a BRZ sports coupe? I did, and here's why I chose the WRX.

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