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Let's all collectively thank the glorious bit of technology that is Google Street View for letting the world know about the rare and mostly undocumented breakout of Elephantitis in Canada's deer population. Unlike the human form of the disease which is generally characterized by the swelling of a single body part, deer Elephantitis apparently morphs the hapless affected creatures into real-life elephants. If you're driving in the area, extra caution is advisable.

Google Street View is a cool Google Maps feature, but it would appear that one of the Street View driver/camera operators in the Pittsburgh, PA area needs to exercise a little more common sense when recording the lay of the land. The same might be said for some of the admins who actually publish the Street View imagery to the Google web farm mothership. The Smoking Gun references Aaron and Christine Boring's lawsuit filed against Google for invading their privacy via a Street View image of their

Google has always been very conscious of energy efficiency, as much for economic reasons as environmental. After all when you're operating dozens (hundreds?) of data centers filled thousands (millions?) of servers storing every conceivable bit of information about everyone, electricity costs can add up really fast. They've also been involved with running hybrid and electric vehicles on their campus and even funding plug-in conversions.