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Dean Kamen working on hybrid scooter with Stirling engine

Dean Kamen's Stirling-powered hybrid scooter patents - Click above for image gallery

More on Kamen's ambitious plans for the Stirling engine

Dean Kamen may be best known as the man behind the iconic and oft-maligned Segway Personal Transporter, but his fertile mind is always full of interesting ideas. Lately, the inventor has turned his attention towards vehicles with four-wheels, batteries and on-board range extenders. We already know that Kamen's extended-range electric vehicle is based on the chassis of an older Ford Th!nk and that it

Dean Kamen's Stirling car is an old Ford Th!nk

Click above for more shots of the new Th!nk Ox and City

Cyclone Power Technologies engine runs on waste heat

Cyclone Power Technologies has introduced a new engine which they say runs on waste heat. Previously, engines from Cyclone Power utilized external combustion. The Waste Heat Engine (WHE) is capable of running on any heat source and is said to work at fairly low temperatures. Possible sources of heat include the sun, without the use of solar cells, and the heat from a running engine or exhaust. The engine appears similar to a radial