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It would appear as though earlier speculation about Aptera's co-founders being ousted is somewhat closer to the truth than what we may have been lead to believe. In their latest newsletter, the company acknowledges that Steve Fambro and Chris Anthony will no longer be involved in day-to-day operations though, it states both will "continue to guide the company direction from their positions as board members." After reading through the many threads at the unofficial Aptera Forum that give the dist

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If anybody is still wondering whether Aptera, despite the recent commotion, will deliver one of their flightless wonders by Christmas, they can officially cease speculating. They're not, and the release date has now been pushed back to some undefined time in 2010. Hopefully, the delay won't be a full year as it was the last time they announced delivery postponement. According to the company, fund raising efforts didn't keep pace with vehicle development and so they're taking measures to slow the

We're still waiting for an official response from Aptera Motors on the ouster of top company members Steve Fambro, Chris Anthony and others, but Popular Mechanics has been able to get a bit more information about the "boardroom showdown" and it may not be as bad as first rumored.

A website devoted to following the development of that futuristic vision of automotive efficiency known as the Aptera has spent much of the month of November in stomach-knotting suspense as rumors began flowing that CEO Paul Wilbur and company directors were planning significant staff cuts (thread here). According to multiple anonymous sources, the blood-letting began in earnest on Thursday when the top fabrication engineer and supervisor (and aluminum jewelery maker) Tim Dine was axed and conti

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Aptera chief Steve Fambro, in his company's latest newsletter, tells us they are building "lots of cars". Hooray! And then crushing them. Oh noes! We know this has been done to electric cars by the likes of GM and Toyota before and now Aptera admits it has joined the pulverizing parade. Have they gone to the dark side? Well, no. It's all being done in the name of increasing safety. You see, despite not having to crash test their three-wheeled Typ-1 (because it is defined as a motorcycle by the o