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Last summer, a British team traveled to the United States with a giant green steam-powered streamliner in an effort to break the longstanding top speed record for a steam car, which had previously been set at 127 miles per hour way back in 1906 by Fred Marriot in a Stanley Steamer. Long story short, the team set a new record with an official two-way average of 139.843 miles per hour.

Despite the untimely death of project manager Frank Swanston from lung cancer, the British Steam Car Challenge is still on for a record attempt at the Bonneville Salt Flats in August of this year. Before assaulting the World Record, the British team will first tackle the standing record in their home country. Set on July 3, 1938, the British record stands at 126 miles per hour. That's just under the official World Record, which was set in 1906 by Fred Marriott, who drove a modified Stanley Steam