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Bosch modifies start/stop system for automatic transmissions

Since introducing its start/stop technology back in 2007, Bosch has sold 1.5 million of the fuel-saving systems to automakers worldwide. Most of Bosch's start/stop systems have resided in vehicles equipped with manual transmissions. Recently, Bosch began working with numerous automakers – including Fiat, Eric Loveday

Stop-start technology to reach 10M vehicles by 2015

We've discussed the virtues of stop-start technology (aka micro hybrid) before and we've even touched on many of the upcoming models that are slated to receive this fuel-saving technology soon, but we never really expected that the stop-start system would become so wi

2011 Citroën C4 revealed, CO2 emissions down to 109 g/km

2011 Citroën C4 – Click above for high-res image gallery

Mazda researchers get JSAE awards for i-Stop and nano-catalyst

The Japanese Society of Automotive Engineers has selected a pair of researchers from Mazda to be honored for their work on efficiency and emissions reduction technologies, i-Stop and a new single nano-catalyst.

Mercedes-Benz adds direct injection and stop-start to 2011 C-Class

In Europe, where Mercedes-Benz still sells cars with four-cylinder engines, the C-Class has just received an efficiency update for 2011. The direct-inject gasoline C180 and C200 CGI BlueEfficiency models are now available with six-speed manual gearboxes and automatic start-stop systems. The C180 and C200 produce 156 and 184 horsepower, respectively, while cutting fuel consumption compare

Ford Focus Econetic gets eco-overhaul to reach 62 mpg (U.S.)

2011 Ford Focus Econetic – Click above for high-res image gallery

Idling vs. shutting the engine down: how many seconds make a difference?

It's easy to calculate that a car with the engine running but not moving is getting zero mpg. New technologies allow some cars to take control of the on/off switch from the driver when stopped. Whatever their name - stop-start, micro hybrid - automatic systems that shut down a vehicle's engine when the car is at rest help boost efficiency. Automakers - especially in Europe - are happi

Which cars in Europe have Stop & Start technology? These do

Stop & Start technology, also known as mild hybrization, is a relatively simple technology that can easily reduce fuel consumption in vehicles. Regular readers already know how it works. Basically, in most instances, the engine shuts down instead of idling, for instance at traffic lights, and stores enough energy to start right back up when the driver presses the gas pedal or shifts into the first gear. This technology can now be found in most car types, and is especially popular in Europe.

Mitsubishi lauches new green label in Europe: Cleartec

I guess that at this point we've pretty much lost track of how many "green labels" automakers have slapped on their cleanest European vehicles (see Econetic, eco2, et al.). These labels are created to highlight the least-polluting member of a car line, usually based on

Citroen announces new line of premium DS cars, which might include hybrid

What, a new Citroën DS? For those who don't know, more than 50 years ago Citroën sparked a revolution with the DS (pronounced like "deésse" in French, which means goddess) and its hydraulic suspension, transmission and braking. When Citroën announced a revival of the DS, some classic car lovers thought that the new DS might be a neo-retro model. We were wrong. Instead, Citroën has announcing a new line of premium vehicles, the DS series, that will compete against Germa

Porsche buyers not keen on start-stop tech

Porsche, like every other automaker under the sun, is under pressure to produce vehicles with improved fuel efficiency that emits less CO2. The current 911 puts out 225 g/km of CO2, but Porsche believes that it can hack another 10 g/km off that figure with the implementation of start-stop technology on its flat-six engines. Not so fast, say Porschephiles. According to the automaker, buyers aren't fond of such a feature on their arse-engined performance machines. Porsche didn't cite the reasons b

Are Audi's plans for world domination too big?

It seems like every carmaker has set themselves the goal of world domination. Toyota's internal master-plan memos leaked out, and then there's BMW nipping right along with lofty goals, too. Here comes Audi, deciding that they'd really like to sell 200,000 vehicles in the US market by 2010. While BMW is the current premium brand champ, Audi thinks it's got the moxie to claim that spot. Audi's perhaps got a case of inflated self-esteem if they think they're going to come out on top, especially con

Smart, Daihatsu will be low-CO2 leaders

The new Smart ForTwo diesel will not be the only internal combustion engined car in Europe to emit less than 100g/km of CO2 for long. The next generation of the Daihatsu Cuore will have an Eco model that is expected to be the lowest emitting gas-powered car on the market, at 99g/km. The new Cuore will use a start-stop system that allows it achieve 56mpg. That makes it greener than

BMW will use the Bosch start-stop system on updated 1-series

Starting this month Robert Bosch GmbH will begin supplying a new start-stop system to BMW for installation on the updated 1-series. BMW will be selling a variety of efficiency enhancing technologies under the brand EfficientDynamics, that will be standard on the 1-series and include the start-stop system and regenerative braking. The start-stop system uses a mod