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The city of Frankfurt is celebrating the Automechanika trade show which is focused on aftermarket equipment. During this exhibition, awards are handed out and one went to autoparts maker Valeo, which got the Automechanika Innovation Award for its StARS Micro-Hybrid System, also called Stop&Start.

Hybrids, especially the Prius, have become the automotive equivalent of a teacup chihuahua to Hollyweird stars. No doubt the public viewings and statements by thespians have raised public awareness of Toyota's green-tinged offerings. The campaign of bringing Toyota Hybrids to the stars has been a clever bit of stealth marketing by the Environmental Media Association. What better way to quickly make a hybrid a desireable item than to equip media figures with the vehicles, adding an air of "sexy"

Because they're such stellar role models with cutting, well-educated insight on all matters, we should follow the lead of our favorite television and movie characters when on the road. We've been so impressed by the well-informed and thoroughly considered stances that many movie and television stars have taken that we hang on their every word, awaiting the eventual revelation of the meaning of life. They're on TV, so they must know, you know? That Ed Begley, what an automotive authority he is. W

We're willing to bet that more than a few Autoblog regulars have made use of The Internet Movie Database (IMDb) to keep tabs on their favorite star, or answer trivia questions like 'Who was the voice of Jazz in the Transformers Movie?' (A: Scatman Crothers).

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