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Hydrogen vehicles, nuclear plants part of energy analysts' carbon-free plan

Energy experts are meeting this week at Stanford University for the Global Climate and Energy Program, and the United States' role in a carbon-free world was the hot topic. Nobel laureate physicist Steve Chu says there is 500 to 1,000 years of energy left in the world, but it's fossil energy. Another sc

VW GTI '53+1' - Look Ma, no hands!

Named in honor of Herbie the Love Bug, the famous number 53, Volkswagen's GTI '53+1' is car that requires no human nanny. It's a fully automatic car that can negotiate twists, turns and straights at the edge of its performance envelope, all without the aid of a driver's touch. The '53+1' uses radar and laser sensors as electronic eyes, much like many of the entrants in the DARPA Grand Challenge, to read the road ahead, and a satellite navigation syste

The Great Robot Race adds dimension to DARPA Challenge

We all know the basic facts about the DARPA Grand Challenge that pitted over 20 autonomous vehicles against each other and the elements out in the Mojave Desert last October. After watching the NOVA special The Great Robot Race on PBS last night the entire enterprise has taken on a whole new dynamic thanks to the excellent backstory provided by the program that reaches all the way back to the first DARPA Grand Challenge in 2004.