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Fisker Karma 'White Knight' emphasizes color contrasts

If you think the Fisker Karma isn't quite flashy enough, there is always the aftermarket. And, if you don't want to go the whole chrome routine à la Justin Bieber, you could look into the SR Auto Group's White Knight, which is a modified Karma inside and out. Mostly outside.

SR Auto's Scion iQ looks like it swallowed a Mitsubishi Evo... and an Angry Birds pig

Canada's SR Auto Group likes to take a car, any car, and make it wilder. The Audi S4 they did looks intriguingly evil. The wheels they've created for the Lamborghini Reventon are amazing.

SR Auto Group shows off Audi S5 Typhön

SR Auto Group Audi S5 Typhön – Click above for high-res image gallery

You had us at "Wheels." SR Auto Group's Lamborghini Reventon

SR Auto Group's custom Lamborghini Reventón wheels – Click above for high-res image gallery