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Spy Shots: BMW 1 Series hybrid spotted in Munich

BMW 1 Series Hybrid - Click above for high-res image gallery

Spy shots: BMW 1-series hybrid spotted in Munich

BMW 1 Series Hybrid - Click above for high-res image gallery

Spy shots: VW Polo sedan spotted, possibly coming to U.S.

At some point in the next couple of years it is probable that Volkswagen will introduce a new entry-level model below the Golf in the U.S. market. VW introduced an all-new version of its B-segment Polo earlier this year in Europe and VW of America officials are anxious to add the car to compete with the likes of the Honda Fit and Ford Fiesta.

Spy Shots: First images of Ford Fiesta S2000 rally car

Ford Fiesta S2000 rally car – Click above for high-res image gallery

Spy pics: Refreshed 2010 Hyundai Santa Fe spotted camo-free

2010 Hyundai Santa Fe - click above for high-res image gallery

Spy Shots: Next-gen Volvo S60 caught completely uncovered

The gestation period for a new Volvo model has always been rather languid. Back in the 1950s, when tailfins were making annual progress toward low earth orbit, Volvo was cranking out PV444 and 544s. Those cars spent a good part of a decade looking like 1940s Fords, and so it's gone with Volvo's models. The iconic 200 series was in production for nearly 20 years, so while the current S60 was first teased nearly ten years ago, the fact that it's still on sale isn't that surprising given the brand'

Spy Shots: Is this the next Porsche Cayenne?

Porsche's Cayenne is starting to show its age. With the arrival of the Panamera, it's no longer the most controversial looking vehicle in the company's product portfolio, though its road-scorching edge remains undiminished in turbo form. A new Cayenne is coming in gas, diesel, and hybrid flavors

Spy Shots: Lincoln MKS already under the knife

The Lincoln MKS is about a year old, but Ford's luxury division has already been caught testing a slightly refreshed version that may debut for the 2011 model year or shortly thereaftter. The spy shot shows a heavily camouflaged prototype with its front and rear end covered. Despite the aversion tactics, we can see a new version of Lincoln's flying wing grille that appears smaller than the current one. Aut

Audi R15 TDI spotted testing for the first time in Spain

The much-anticipated Audi R15 TDI has finally be spotted for the first time during a secret test at the Vallelunga track in Spain. Audi has been keeping a tight lid on the R15 since announcing it last November. Aside from that announcement about running the new car at Sebring and Le Mans this year, no other information has been provided. Unlike the Peugeot 908, the R15 retains the open top layout of its R10 and R8 predecessors. Aerodynamically, the R15 appears to be a big step forward from the R

Spy Shots: New Mazda3 caught with most of its covers off

Ever since Ford's U.S. operations decided to forego the second-generation Focus in favor of a freshened version of the first generation model, Americans have been complaining that we can't get the best Focus. In fact, the essential underpinnings of that C1 Focus have been available here under two other brands. The pricier Volvo C30/S40/V50 and the current Mazda3. The Mazda has actually been quite popular here and it looks like it will be getting a mid-cycle refresh soon. Judging from the batch o

Spy Shots: Mitsubish Outlander getting Lancer face

Mitsubishi's new trapezoidal grille design is spreading throughout the lineup, and the Outlander looks to be the next vehicle that gets struck with the corporate underbite. At least now the Lancer won't be the only Mitsu wearing a grille cribbed from the '57 Chrysler 300. The new front fascia will include angry-eye headlamps and appears to be the only external change to the Outlander during its mid-cycle freshening.

Reader Spy: Chevy Volt caught on set of Transformers 2

Click either image to view full gallery of the production Chevy Volt

Spy Shots: New Opel Meriva caught in the wild

The next-generation Opel Meriva has been caught testing on somewhere on public roads. The Meriva is a tall wagon based on GM's European B-car platform which also underpins the Corsa. The new Meriva was displayed in concept form at this year's Geneva Motor Show and the production version doesn't appear to differ too much from the concept. As with other new Opels (and presumably Saturns), the signature scalloped side

Spy Shots: Next gen BMW Z4 snapped again on SoCal freeway

Our ever-vigilant readers have struck, proving yet again that in the age of the camera phone, almost anyone with a mobile device can emulate Jim Dunne, Brenda Priddy or Hans Lehmann. The latest capture we've received comes from reader Charlie Hung, who recently spotted this black roadster on a Southern California freeway. A quick inspection of the images reveals it to be the next-generation BMW Z4 that's been spotted periodically for some time now. The bodywork on BMW's latest offerings would su

Spy Shots: 2010 Kia Sorento

Not due to go on sale until next year, the 2010 Kia Sorento has been spied and photographed, by an Autoweek.nl reader. While the two pics don't reveal much, the front end bears more than a striking resemblance to the Kia KND-4 concept from the 2007 Seoul Motor Show. Unlike the current Michael Harley

Spy Shots: 2011 BMW X3

Boy howdy does that camouflage make it difficult to suss out what's underneath! BMW's cooking up a new X3, expected to drop in 2011, and the changes don't look to be huge. The smallest SAV – BMW's acronym for Stupid Ass Sports Activity Vehicle – will get rhinoplasty to bring some Concept CS cues to the X3. The heavy camo on the rear windows suggest that BMW might be addressing some of the awkwardness that afflicts the current model, a definite plus. Word is that much

Spy Shots: Chevy Beat caught testing in China

We saw the Chevy Beat concept unveiled a year ago, and now a camouflaged mule has been caught testing in China, fueling speculation that the Beat will succeed the Spark in that market. The Beat is certainly far less dowdy than the Spark, which is also sold, sometimes Dan Roth

Spy Shots: Ford F-250/350 Harley-Davidson

For those complaining that the Ford F-150 Harley-Davidson introduced yesterday wasn't suited for real truck duty, here you go. It's the F-250/450 Super Duty version of Ford's cobranding enterprise with Harley-Davidson, and can surely tow a few more bikes behind its bed than the half-ton version. Since this big bruiser from Milwaukee via Dearbon hasn't been officially unveiled yet, we can't tel

Spy Shots: Future Toyotas snapped while risking life and limb

Every so often we hear a tale of an engineer driving a development mule in public who just goes nuts. Most of the time it's triggered by a photographer taking pictures of the Top Secret car he's driving, at which point the engineer freaks and attempts to kill the offending snapper via vehicular homicide. It happened to our buddy Chris Doane last summer when a Ford engineer tried to flatten him

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