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How to Replace Suspension Springs

Suspension springs are made from coiled steel, and are commonly coated with a protective powder coating or paint to protect them from rust and deterioration.

How to Replace a Throttle Return Spring

On many vehicles, a mechanical throttle cable connects the accelerator pedal to the throttle.

How to Install Aftermarket Springs

Switching out your stock springs for aftermarket springs can have a huge impact on your car.

How to Buy Good Quality Suspension Springs

Coil springs, also known as suspension springs, are the part of your vehicle that helps cut down on the excessive up and down movement when you are driving.

How to Buy Good Quality Struts

Vehicle struts serve a number of different purposes, including adding control to extreme handling conditions such as sudden turning and braking.

What Are the Dangers of Driving a Vehicle With a Broken Suspension?

Every car, truck, and SUV has a suspension, the collection of parts that holds the car off the ground, cushions passengers and cargo from bumps, and allows the vehicle to turn.

What Are the Dangers of Lowering My Car?

It has become fairly common for car owners to modify their cars’ suspensions to make their car ride lower.

What Are Leaf Springs?

A leaf spring is a component of some vehicles’ suspension systems.

What Advantages Do Aftermarket Suspension Components Offer?

Most modern cars’ and trucks’ suspensions are carefully designed to ensure adequate performance under a variety of conditions.

What Causes a Suspension to Collapse?

Every car, truck and SUV features a suspension, the system of parts that holds the vehicle up, absorbs bumps, and allows it to steer.

What Is the Difference Between Sprung Weight and Unsprung Weight?

Car aficionados, particularly those involved with racing, sometimes talk about “sprung” and “unsprung” weight (or mass).

What Are Rocker Switches and How Are They Used in Cars?

Every function inside your vehicle is controlled by a switch in some way.