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Aston Martin Cambridge created a special-edition Vantage to commemorate the 80th anniversary of the Spitfire fighter plane.


The Triumph Spitfire is an interesting piece of engineering. There's plenty to love about the pint-sized convertible. It weighs so little, an enraged internet writer can pick it up enough to scoot it sideways in the garage with his bare hands. Early examples were drop dead gorgeous and foolishly simple to work on, and parts are perfectly easy to find. But there are drawbacks, though. For one, the machines are about as safe as trying to tie your shoe laces with a rusty blender, and reliability is

So BMW is considering expanding its reach by including a fourth brand, and Rick Kranz, columnist for Automotive News, thinks he has the answer: Triumph. By playing off the retro-chic invasion started with the new MINI, Kranz maintains that there is a place for Triumph, specifically a small, rear-wheel drive ride that could continue the legacy of TRs and Spitfires from the past.