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When the Detroit Auto Show opens to the public next week, we're sure the Chevrolet booth will get plenty of attention thanks to the all-new Corvette and Silverado, but visitors will also be able to see a handful of cars not even available in the US. A day after introducing us to a new global marketing campaign titled "Find New Roads," General Motors has announced that it will be bringing five popular global products to the Chevy stand in Detroit to "show off the depth of Chevrolet's global produ

Here's a reason to dislike drifting - mass carnage of beloved vintage or near-vintage RWD Japanese cars, many of them coupes. There's lots of AE86 Toyota two doors, I lost count of Nissan 240SXs, and when a 3rd generation RX-7 did its impression of an empty soda can, I nearly shed a tear. Were it not for the carnage, I'm finally starting to come around on the thrills that drifting can provide. It's still juvenile, but racing as a broad category will always have some level of direct communication

Recent comments by Volkswagen's new head honcho Martin Winterkorn could counteract rumors of the automotive giant spinning off or selling its two golden-boy exotic supercar subsidiaries, Lamborghini and Bugatti.