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Most of the time, we all take a speedometer for granted.

Most of the time, we all take a speedometer for granted.

The speedometer is a critical part of the vehicle.

While a mechanical speedometer will use a speedometer cable attached to the driveshaft and transmission, that’s not the case with an electronic speedometer, such as is used in most modern vehicles.

Your car’s speedometer is a crucial component.

Speed limits are there to help provide better safety on the road.

Using the gas pedal allows you to speed up and control the car on the road, but it can be a chore when driving long distances on relatively flat roads with little to no other traffic.

The electronics in today's cars and trucks are extremely complex.

According to the US Department of Transportation, there were 42 million speeding tickets issued to United States licensed drivers in 2014.

As your car accelerates, the easiest way to determine your precise speed is by simply looking at the speedometer.

According to the United States Department of Transportation, nearly 130 million motorists depend on their cruise control, or speed control assembly to commute along the highways in the US on a daily basis.

When one of your tires goes out, it is replaced with a donut tire (also called a spare tire, although a spare tire is typically the same size as a regular tire).

Modern vehicles are great: they offer so many advanced features to help keep you safe on the road.

The speedometer on a car is located on the dashboard, and displays how fast the vehicle is going while it is in motion.

The flashing red and blue lights are behind you.