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Personal Reason A Florida Lawmaker Wants To Ban Red-Light Cameras?

Daphne Campbell's husband has 5 red-light violations, newspaper says

Daphne Campbell, a Democratic state representative in Florida, said she had the best interests of her constituents in mind when she sponsored a bill that would outlaw red-light cameras in Florida. "My constituents complained and the people are hurting," she tells the Miami Herald.

Arizona's freeway speed cameras snap their last speeders

In span of about two-and-a-half years, Arizona's highway speed camera program, run by Australian company Redflex, mailed 1,105,935 tickets, or close to 1,125 tickets every day. In 2009, a group called CameraFraud went to work to get the cameras taken down, and after a year of effort they've been successful: Redflex shut the 78 fixed and mobile cameras down at midnight, July 16.

Man busted by traffic camera gets unique revenge on police department

It goes without saying, but we're gonna go ahead and say it anyway: Nobody likes getting a speeding ticket. And that's especially true when said ticket isn't issued by a human officer, but from a machine set up to catch unwary motorists off guard. If only there was some way to get back that lost sense of justice...

REPORT: D.C. police chief says drivers who use iPhone to find speed traps are "cowardly"

D.C. police chief Cathy Lanier, frustrated that iPhone technology is one step ahead of the red-light and speed cameras in her jurisdiction, has announced that those who use their hand-held electronic devices are "cowardly" and "...are going to get caught" in one way or another.

Anti-car extremists driving Big Brother to watch Britain's roads?

The Association of British Drivers (ABD) has itself in a total tizzy over a proposal to limit speeds on rural single carriageways to 80 kilometers per hour (50 mph). If that wasn't enough blas

Teens copying enemies' license plates to get revenge via speed cameras

Teens are known for having a lot of time, some seriously outrageous ideas for filling that time, and a slightly obsessive need for revenge. Add a few residential speed cameras into that mix, and what you have is a creative perversion of the entire speed camera system. Teens in Maryland have evidently been printing out the license plates numbers of rival teens, putting them on their own cars, and then purposely blasting by speed cameras posted in residential neighborhoods. The rival teen -- or hi

Man moons speed camera, fine won't be so funny

There are times in everyone's life when you have an idea that sounds brilliant when explained in the audience of friends, but in practice is "exposed" as pure idiocy. The passenger of a BMW X5 gave a Cramlington, UK speed camera an uncensored view of his backside in an obvious attempt at humor, but in the end (no pun intended) the stunt could result in some hefty fines. Since local authorities weren't amused by the Braveheart salute,

Mythbusters fail to foil the speed camera

Last night's episode of Mythbusters was wonderfully auto related. The show's hosts, Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman, take on the myth that a speed camera can be foiled. They attack th

Not again: Blind man caught going 100 mph in Barcelona

A blind man was recently caught by a speed camera doing 98 mph on public roads in Spain. The man had lost his sight in a car accident in 1996, and, as he explained to the court, wanted to drive just one more time. So, just like the last time we heard about a sightless driver, the man had his wife sit shotgun and dole out verbal directions on which way to turn the wheel.

New navi in UK guarantees no speeding tickets

Though the isle of Britain isn't that large in terms of square miles, it still contains 24,000 potential speed traps (about the same number in Ohio, we think). The Rossini Navigator and Camera Spotter is a satellite navigation unit that has each one of those traps plotted on its digital topography and will audibly warn a driver if one is fast approaching. The unit also does the whole door-to-door, turn-by-turn navigation thing, but the addition of such comprehensive camera spotting technology mo

British man Ka-Blew it trying to blow up speed camera

Nobody likes a tattletale, but is that any reason to blow up a speed camera that just caught you breakin' the law? A 28-year-old British man who had just gotten snapped by a speed camera thought so, and believed he could beat his ticket by blowing up the witness to his crime. Wrong. The hard drive of the camera survived and showed police the man returning to the scene in one frame and "sparks and flames" in the next. Here's a thought, did he have to walk in front of the camera to blow it up?

Europeans can avoid speed cameras with Inforad

Speed cameras in Europe are fast becoming a royal pain in the ass, which makes a device like Inforad a stroke of genius. It's a little black box that sits on your dash and plugs into your cigarette lighter like a radar detector, but instead of detecting cops with quotas to meet, it uses GPS positioning hardware that links up with satellites to pinpoint your car's location relative to known areas covered by speed cameras.

Scotland puts speed camera movement on two wheels

Scotland's motorists had better keep their eyes peeled for a certain 'brightly marked' Honda 650 Deauville motorcycle. Those passing through Edinburgh at extralegal speeds had better beware, because local authorities have just outfitted a speed camera to the aforementioned motorbike, and it works in much the same way as the pole-mounted Gatsos and unmarked vans that litter Europe's roadsides.

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