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In the overall scheme of things, having your Twitter account hacked isn't as bad as a flood or a fire. So, perhaps the "The Fastest Way To Lose BodyFat in (2)Weeks" tweet that Fisker Automotive sent out today isn't going to cause anyone to lose sleep, especially since it was almost instantly fixed. Not long after the body fat tweet went out, someone at Fisker took charge and wrote: "We know that the fans and followers of Fiskerauto don't need to lose weight... Disregard our last tweet as we were

If you're a manufacturer, there are only so many ways you can say "sorry" after your automated e-mail system goes berzerk and spams everyone on your mailing list with hundreds of the same message. Mini recently found itself in that very spot, and rather than respond with a sheepish mea culpa, the company's PR team took a different tack by sending owners a very unique gift box. How unique? Inside, one owner found a set of chocolate roses, a roll of duct tape and a genuine can of Spam.

Want to know a fun fact that can probably win you a free round at the bar? P.T. Barnum didn't say, "There's a sucker born every minute" – a man named David Hannum did. But before that, we can talk about George Hull. After an argument with a minister about a passage in the book of Genesis that claims giants once walked the earth, Hull – an atheist – decided to construct a ten-foot fake giant and bury it on his cousin's property. A year later, he hired men to dig a well on said p

Both Volkswagen and Google have responded to criticism that the automaker's web pages were in violation of Google's quality guidelines. The uproar centers around hidden keywords in flash-based pages.

AlgoDyne Ethanol Energy Inc., which has developed advanced fuel cell technology, announced recently that they are negotiating partnerships in the field of Direct-Alcohol-Fuel-Cells (DAFC) to provide their cutting-edge systems. AlgoDyne has undertaken extensive DAFC research to develop technology that allows them to produce electricity from ethanol directly. DAFCs generate power through the direct oxidation of alcohol in conjunction with the reduction of oxygen. AlgoDyne's breakthrough has been t

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