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Reducing our dependence of foreign oil with our car seats?

I plan on sharing some interesting bits of information that I got from some of the men behind the soy industry in general, the United Soybean Board, while I was at the SAE Congress in Detroit soon. But, one tidbit is that I was able to personally sample some automotive interior foam products made from soybean oil. There was foam destined for your seats and also some soybean oil based sound-deadening material. The products seemed fine to me, and they must b

Chevron moving into biodiesel production

Oil giant Chevron has invested in a new 20-million gallon per year / 75.7 million litre per year soybean oil biodiesel production plant in Galveston, Texas. Plans are already underway however to increase production initially to 60 million gallons and then 110 million gallons over the next year.

Cargill profit jumps 34 percent on back of biofuels surge

Cargill Inc., the largest agricultural company in the U.S. and a major player internationally, has announced a massive jump in their second-quarter profits of 34 percent on the back of gains in shipping, trading and processing grains and oilseeds. Net income in the three months to November 30 was up to $662 million compared to $495 for the same quarter the year before, boosted by record demand for corn-based ethanol, and soybea

Experts say brewing your own soydiesel may be hazardous to your health

Farmers with a soybean extruder to make hog feed may have an itch to squeeze a little oil to make biodiesel. But those unfamiliar with the production process risk blowing up the farm, say soydiesel experts. Soydiesel requires a chemical reaction using methanol, which is toxic and highly explosive. Other necessary chemicals such as sodium/potassium hydroxides can cause chemical burns. Experts also caution about the quality of the fuel produced as different fatty acid chains will perform different