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North Carolina man fined for using vegetable oil in his car

As many people are aware, gasoline is taxed in an effort to pay for the nations roadways. Here in the U.S., we enjoy the freedom of being able to travel from one end of the country to the other with relative ease, and the system of highways and roadways that makes it possible obviously costs money. It seems that there are certain people who want to use the roadways without being required to support them, however, and for these people laws exist as a punishment for e

Project Biodiesel creates their own Youtube channel

After recently "busting the myths" surrounding biodiesel, perhaps you are interested in giving the fuel a try yourself. Go for it! If you still need more information, why don't you check out the new Youtube channel started by grassroots organization known as Project Biodiesel. Feel free to check out their w

Reducing our dependence of foreign oil with our car seats?

I plan on sharing some interesting bits of information that I got from some of the men behind the soy industry in general, the United Soybean Board, while I was at the SAE Congress in Detroit soon. But, one tidbit is that I was able to personally sample some automotive interior foam products made from soybean oil. There was foam destined for your seats and also some soybean oil based sound-deadening material. The products seemed fine to me, and they must b

Detroit Auto Show: Seat cushions partially made with soybean oil coming in spring

The volatile cost of petroleum is forcing automotive suppliers to consider renewable fuels in their manufacturing processes. Should the price of oil skyrocket to $100 a barrel, then suppliers would need alternative sources of petroleum to make plastics and other materials found in today's vehicles. Johnson Controls is wrapping up pilot tests on seat cushions manufactured with a blend of 2 to 7 percent soybean oil. Once validation is completed, the cus