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We are not crazy: The image above is Greenpeace Argentina's way to protest against the country's efforts to produce soy-based biodiesel. The activist group took a Mercedes ML and a Porsche Cayenne and made them look like bulldozers to illustrate the idea that soy biodiesel destroys native forests and pollutes more than might be expected by most people. The two SUVs featured German flags, because not only these two cars belong to German brands, but because most of Argentina's soy product is expor

Despite the celebration these days of the 3rd European Meeting for Sustainable Biofuels, Friends of the Earth has announced that the "sustainability" criteria for biofuels might be wrong. Next week, a symposium will be held in Argentina regarding the expansion of soy crops to produce biofuel.

According to a recent article by El Enfiteuta, soy biodiesel is alive and well in Argentina thanks to artificial hype derived from treating biodiesel and pure soy oil different fiscally. This conclusion appears in a report by the University of Buenos Aires's CESPA (an academic center focused on studies of the country's economy), which focused on the potentials of biofuels in Argentina.

At Chrysler's 2008 model preview last June, executive vice-president Frank Klegon announced that the company was involved in some biodiesel research that included growing soy for fuel production. They had planted fuel crops at their Chelsea Proving Ground and also on a brown-field site in Detroit. This fall they harvested the soy grown at the Proving Ground, processed it and sent it to the NextDiesel refinery in Adrian, MI for production.