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When was the last time you talked to your electric power company? I mean, really sat down and had a good chat about when they should send you power and when they shouldn't? Have you told them when you'd like to have the air conditioner shut off and let the home warm up because no one will be home? If you haven't had this talk with your utility, you're not alone. Not by a long shot. In fact, figuring out how to get customers to even start having this kind of communication is a huge challenge for

Lately when talk of using solar energy via large installations comes up it seems the suggestion will invariably be made that we should cover huge swaths of the desert with a solar panel blanket. This strikes me as a little wrong-headed. What might seem a barren wasteland to some is home to a large variety of flora and fauna and there's just a little bit of irony in the proposition of destroying the environment to save it.

If you've never heard Dr. Andy Frank, from UC Davis, speak about plug-in hybrids, you're in for a treat. Frank, who has been featured on AutoblogGreen quite a few times (highlights include an interview on UC Davis' Team Fate in the Auto X Prize and talking about kicking the oil habit with no sacrifice in lifestyle), is rightly considered one of the fathers of hybrid technology. He's been working on cars and PHEVs for thirty some years and spoke at the Santa Monica Alt Car Expo's Plug-In Technol

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