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Southern California Edison (SCE) has launched an intuitive plug-in rate calculator that allows current and potential electric vehicle (EV) owners to assess the costs of "fueling" battery-powered vehicles. SCE customers input information like location, daily power usage, vehicle type (i.e., plug-in hybrid or battery-electric vehicle), mileage and expected time of day use (on- or off-peak hours) and the Plug-in Car Rate Assistant spits out an estimated monthly charging fee. It's an easy way to get

Right on schedule, Southern California Edison (SCE) and Pacific Gas and Electric (PG & E) have received all-electric Mitsubishi i MiEVs to begin their testing programs with. Although the cars displayed on the LA Auto Show floor were red and white, like the one we drove earlier this year in New York, there was at least one vehicle in SCE colors cooling its heels in an garage somewhere close by. This follows the custom-paint practice the company implemented in Japan when seven different utilit

While it's true that we have posted before about extraordinary performances turned in by the batteries of Altairnano before, in light of the recent claim by AFS Trinity that lithium ion batteries in a plug-in hybrid could only achieve 25,000 miles (unless the energy was buffered by ultracapacititors as it is in the AFS design), we thought you might particularly enjoy hearing about a recent test conducted by other entities. The utility company Southern California Edison (SCE) has been putting a b

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