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'Everybody has got to come to the table by next Friday.'

General Motors Co's president said common ground must be reached on a long-term financial restructuring of GM's South Korean auto unit by next Friday and if there was none, the operation would likely seek bankruptcy protection.


Video shows employees taking out their frustration over missed bonus

South Korea on Friday urged General Motors' local subsidiary and labor union to reach a wage deal swiftly, after the automaker failed to make bonus payments — and triggered a violent protest in which workers ransacked GM's executive offices.


What it means for cars, steel and any possible Korean pickup trucks

The United States and South Korea have reached agreement on a new trade pact, the White House said on Tuesday.

First Drive

From South Korea to North America, new Santa Fe has a lot to offer.

New look, new tech, new transmission.


The president again takes credit for unrelated automotive manufacturing moves.

It's the latest example of the president wading awkwardly into the global automotive industry.


Trump wants to keep 25 percent tariff on imported Korean trucks.

South Korean auto companies believe that Washington will also seek to increase the 25,000-vehicle per U.S. automaker threshold for U.S. car shipments to South Korea.


Hyundai and its business partner are at loggerheads over cheap Chinese parts

Hyundai and its business partner are at loggerheads over cheap Chinese parts.


7,500 pounds of prehistoric snot monsters hit the road.

In slime, no one can hear you scream.


How might automakers like Hyundai and Kia be affected?

The U.S. goods trade deficit with South Korea has more than doubled since the U.S.-Korea free trade pact known as KORUS took effect in 2012.


Seoul to Pusan in 20 minutes, as opposed to three hours.


Imagine near-supersonic travel from Bratislava to Brno, or from Seoul to Busan.

HTT wants to create an international connection, but Korea wants to develop hyperloop first.


Tesla, BYD will benefit if charging-time mandate removed

Country's rule necessitating 10-hour maximum charging time may be eliminated next year.


It makes the Caterpillar P-5000 Work Loader look like a child's toy.

Tanks are so 20th century.


South Korea, Porsche are pulled further into the fray.

Regulators around the world question oversight over emissions-testing policies that failed to stop 11 million VW diesels from being programmed to rig the system.


It could be just half of what the Tucson costs.

The details, of course, remain vague.


Mercedes-Benz, BMW may be among 23 the targets.

South Korean regulators will probe other diesel-vehicle importers for potential violations.


General Motors will need to add an 'EV' suffix to indicate the difference.

And you thought hearing the difference between Bolt and Volt was confusing in the States.


With an open space in the middle, there would be no need for a cooling system.

Is it real? Who knows, but maybe.


GM uses aluminum, grille 'shutters' to compensate.

You can't have both.


VW will stop selling 79 different models starting on July 25.

Volkswagen's diesel emissions scandal is forcing the company to suspend sales in South Korea for what could be months.