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Tesla chief Elon Musk's trial postponed due to coronavirus

Shareholders complained SolarCity deal benefitted Musk at their expense

Elon Musk's expected defence of a $2.2 billion (1.75 billion pounds) deal in court was postponed on Friday from its expected Monday start, due to the coronavirus outbreak. The case relates to Tesla's purchase of SolarCity in 2016, a deal that was criticized by shareholders as benefiting Musk at the expense of Tesla Inc , and the outcome may depend as much on the chief executive's temperament as on the facts of the case. It remains to be seen which Musk will show up at a Delaware court,

Elon Musk allegedly pushed SolarCity deal despite major cash crunch

Lawsuit alleges Tesla board breached its duties to investors by approving it

The filing was part of a lawsuit by Tesla shareholders alleging the company’s board breached its duties to investors by approving the $2.6 billion acquisition of the struggling company, which was run by Musk's first cousins and of which he was a chairman and the largest stakeholder. The former SolarCity operations have been a drag on Tesla, with panel installations slumping since they were acquired. Shareholder lawsuits that survive a motion to dismiss often settle before trial, which in this

Tesla to close a dozen solar facilities in nine states

SolarCity purchase 'looks pretty awful right now'

Tesla's SolarCity purchase "looks pretty awful right now."

Tesla responsible for slide in U.S. home solar sales

Installations fall this year for the first time after previous annual increases of 50 percent

SolarCity's third-quarter installations fall 42 percent.

Tesla solar in Hawaii is a sign of things to come

Kauai has the demand for clean energy, and the supply.

272 Powerpacks mean solar energy around the clock.

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Tesla Drops ‘Motors’ From Their Name | Autoblog Minute

Tesla Motors will no longer include ‘Motors’ in their name as they become more than just an automaker company.

Tesla merger with SolarCity officially approved by shareholders

It wasn't without controversy, but at last the deal is done.

Tesla wants to get cozier with Panasonic in Buffalo to make solar cells

Partners could make photovoltaic cells, modules in New York next year.

Tesla offers another reason for the SolarCity deal to make sense.

Tesla's expansion, acquisition could cause cash crunch

Automaker's growth may require enlarging its Bay Area factory.

But who's to say, really?

Elon Musk to show SolarCity rooftop panels October 28th

The SolarCity event is planned for the San Francisco Bay area, but timing might change.

The vertical integration continues. Get it?

Tesla shareholders sue over SolarCity deal

Automaker says claim is 'without merit.'

Tesla announced the $2.6 billion buyout of SolarCity in August. Not everyone is happy.

Tesla wants more cash amid expansion, SolarCity buyout

It won't say how much, though.

Tesla tells the SEC it needs to raise a bit more money.

Tesla chief Elon Musk now dreaming of solar roofs, not just panels

SolarCity chair and Tesla CEO eyes large US roof-replacement market.

Why get a new roof to put your panels on when you could just get a solar roof?

Tesla, SolarCity become one with $2.6 billion all-stock deal

SolarCity stockholders will get 0.110 Tesla common shares for each of their SolarCity shares.

If you owned SolarCity stock yesterday, you own Tesla stock today.

Tesla is developing heavy trucks and urban public transit

That's not all. Tesla's new master plan also covers solar energy and car sharing.

Tesla doesn't want to build more affordable EVs; it wants to haul commuters and cargo.

Investors pushing Elon Musk to loosen control of Tesla board

Tesla's bid on Solar City opened up an enormous can of worms.

CtW Investments Group is demanding Tesla add two independent directors to the company's board and separate the chairman and CEO roles.

If Tesla deal goes through, SolarCity name could be no more

Trademark filings show that Tesla may rebrand everything with its own name.

Electrek finds some Tesla trademark filings that show that all of the things that SolarCity does could be renamed with the automaker's name.

Tesla's bid for SolarCity has some analysts skeptical

One analyst calls Tesla's potential SolarCity offer a 'bailout.'

Tesla Motors' $2.8 billion offer for SolarCity would boost debt, and speed up cash-burn, analysts say.

Let's talk about that new Elon Musk biography

We Review And Discuss Ashlee Vance's New Book

A review and an invitation to discuss the new book 'Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future,' by Ashlee Vance.

Elon Musk's companies took $5 billion in subsidies [w/video]

According to an accounting by the LA Times, Tesla SpaceX and SolarCity have received $4.9 billion in government subsidies. However, Elon Musk has argued that the report was misleading.

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