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Nissan and Showa Shell partner to test solar quick charge system

2010 Nissan Leaf EV - Click above for high-res image gallery

Romag introduces PowerPark solar carport

A new solar carport has just been launched in the UK from a company called Romag Holdings, a firm that produces "specialist transparent composites" including laminated photovoltaic panels. Called PowerParks, these carports would act as a shelter and charging point for electric vehicles. Each unit has a peak output of 150 kilowatts. When there's nothing plugged in to the PowerPark, the solar

UK Petrol Retailers Association suggests solar-powered EV stations

We'd imagine that the UK Petrol Retailers Association would have a vested interest in making the business model of the tried-and-true gas station survive. So, we aren't all that surprised to read about the group's suggestion that future gas stations should carry solar roofs that feed power into electricity dispensers, especially now that the Prime Minister has pledged large sums of money f

Lightning Motors and their lithium powered electric superbike

We have brought up the idea of saving money on gas by riding a motorcycle or scooter a few times now, and invariably, we get comments which state that motorcycles are worse for the environment than cars. Is that true? Not necessarily. Exhaust emissions are calculated in parts per million, and more parts per million of harmful particles in the exhaust is bad. This is often cited in defense of cars, as motorcycles often have worse ratings in parts per million that autos. But, what about the differ

Windshield mounted solar car battery charger - the Sunsei SolarCharger

I have pondered (and posted) about a few ideas regarding charging the battery of your car with solar power rather than with the alternator, except when necessary. Here is a solar car-battery charger that you can get today. It's called the Sunsei SolarCharger, and you mount it on your windshield where it can get good access to the sun. I suppose that it would work on