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China's solar road will charge cars as they drive

Smart roadway will share energy and data with vehicles

In Jinan, China, there's a section of highway over which some 45,000 vehicles drive every day. A company called Qilu Transportation Development Group is converted about two-thirds of a mile of that roadway to generate solar electricity — enough to power the highway lights and 800 homes. Qilu Transportation isn't stopping there, though. Looking forward to a future of electric and autonomous driving, the goal is to make the road smart. Eventually, it will be able to provide more accurate tra

Solmove the latest to see solar roads as an energy source

German startup looks to make the most out of pathways with flexible photovoltaic surface.

Solmove will demonstrate its photovoltaic pathway in Berlin, generating energy from the sun.

Solar Roadways Raises $1.5 Million For Solar-Panel Covered Roads

Roads covered in textured glass surface embedded with solar cells could generate electricity

A company in California raised $1.5 million through crowdfunding to build roads out of solar panels.

Solar Roadways raises $1M for solar-panel covered roads [w/video]

UPDATE: the campaign has been extended to June 20. See the press release below.

Solar Roadways puts up a parking lot, launches Indiegogo campaign [w/video]

Joni Mitchell was wrong when she sang out against paving paradise and putting up a parking lot. Ok, maybe not. Still, we think the demonstration project just built by the folks over at Solar Roadways would get a pass from the Canadian singer-songwriter. That's because the real estate in question is covered with a textured glass surface that can, among many other things, generate low-carbon elect

Solar Roadways gets $750,000 to create solar parking lot

What do you need to generate a lot of electricity from photoelectric solar cells? A lot of surface area. What is a lot of the surface of the United States covered in? Roads. Put those two ideas together, and the idea of turning the nation's highways into solar farms doesn't sound too odd, does it? Well, maybe it doesn't until you consider that you're talking about taking electronics – electronics that are typically somewhat delicate and rather expensive – and purposely putti

Solar Roadways idea wins Ecomagination Challenge

If Solar Roadways sounds familiar to you, it could be because we reported last year about its prototype funding from the Department of Transportation. Now, to add to the previous $100,000 from the DOT, the startup has won the GE Ecomagination Challenge, along with the $50,000 prize. The Ecomagination Challenge is voted on b

Solar Roadways: Using roads to generate power

Scott Brusaw, an Electrical engineer, has unveiled a system that could be very useful to generate electricity - using roads. In fact, roads are long strips of land that are constantly exposed to the elements and make up a significant piece of land. Because of the high visual impact of solar farms, he thinks that converting the roads to a strip-like solar farm can be a good solution.