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The totally awesome Toyota 2000GT SEV unveiled earlier this year was the result of what was called the "Crazy Car Project," undertaken by the Toyota Automobile Association. While no doubt some thought that converting the iconic car, of which only 353 examples were made, to run on solar power a bit insane, perhaps there was a method to their madness.

The Zero Emissions Race, which kicked off almost three months ago in Switzerland, was brought to a sudden halt Friday when one of the vehicles, the solar-powered electrically-driven Zerotracer, collided with a cyclist during the Canadian leg of the event. The race was wheeling through Vancouver when a cyclist reportedly rode off the sidewalk and in front of the electric motorbike. The 50-year-old bicycle rider was transported to a nearby hospital for injuries resulting from the collision. Don Ch

Recently my adventures as the host of Translogic led me to Brent Hatch, the guy who built a solar-powered electric vehicle from scratch. In today's culture -- and especially in my home state of California -- it's not such a strange thing to meet someone who's into hybrids and electric vehicles. Fortunately, the uptake of these transportation alternatives is growing; the electric car is no longer a Jetsonian concept.