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This isn't the first time you've seen a solar lawnmower on AutoblogGreen. In fact, we've seen quite a few different green yard and farming implements in our time -- even solar powered tractors. The ever-increasing price of gas, though, may be causing the electric mowing option to loom a bit larger in people's minds these days. So, here's another man's attempt to save a little gas, and therefore the related emissions, from his own neighborhood when he goes out to mow his lawn. Starting with a sta

We have shown you DIY solar lawnmowers, Toro's biodiesel lawnmowers and tractors, John Deere's biofuel musings and ethanol mowers. Now, here is a story about a farmer who has converted his previously dino-powered tractors, mowers and various farming machinery into electric power. He charges them using solar panels, as well.