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After 36,000 solar-powered miles, MiniE driver ready to make the switch to BMW ActiveE (and an SUV)

The name Peder Norby should be familiar to anyone who's been involved with BMW's all-electric MiniE program. The driver of MiniE #183 has put 36,000 sun-powered miles on his EV and has long been a strong proponent of getting more people to make the shift to electric vehicles. His latest target? His wife Julie, who will be using the upcoming ActiveE w

A bit of extra solar energy on the solstice

Most everyone in the plug-in vehicle movement knows about Paul and Zan Scott. Leaders of Plug In America, they have been tireless advocates for electric drive vehicles (especially for pairing them with solar panels) for years. But yesterday they shared a bit about why they work so tirelessly to push for EVs.

SunPods make solar electric vehicle charging quick and easy (to install)

While solar panels are not yet efficient enough to plop down on an electric vehicle's roof and charge as you go, the idea of powering an EV with the sun is tremendously appealing. A new system called SP-300 EV Plug-N-Go by SunPods is currently being used in San Jose to collect the sun's rays for use in plug-in vehicles. SunPods are "world's first transportable, modular, integrated solar powered electric vehicle charging station, ready to power up on delivery

Thousands of iterations later, vacuum guy Dyson goes for solar EVs

You've very likely seen the commercials. The ones with the Englishman talking about all the thousands of design iterations he went through to come up with a vacuum cleaner with a big yellow plastic ball in the middle of the base. Well, he's at it again. This time around James Dyson has his crew going down the EV path. The engineers at Dyson's disposal are apparently working on an electric motor derived from the one used in the vacuum cleaners that could be used to drive an electric car. Apparent

"Infinity Miles per Gallon": Art Haines builds a solar car - watch the video

Have you ever dreamed of designing and building your own automobile? If you are anything like me, then the answer is a definite yes. Again, if you are anything like me (and you might be if you're reading this site), you also dream of cleaner transportation. So, what's holding you back? For me, it's funds and spousal approval, you know... I like to keep some sort of peace in the family. But, none of those things stopped Art Haines from building his own car; and not just a car, but a solar car