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College student invents cost-effective self-healing concrete?

As anyone who's ever driven through Detroit can tell you, concrete doesn't fix itself. Or at least it doesn't right now. Thanks to research from a graduate student at the University of Rhode Island, that may change in the near future. Michelle Pelletier found that mixing a microencapsulated Zach Bowman

Edmunds: Cash for Clunkers cost taxpayers $24k per car, not $4k

Cash for Clunkers vehicles – Click above for high-res image gallery

REPORT: Cash for Clunkers leads to shortage of destruction derby cars. Oh, the humanity!

With 690,000 vehicles sentenced to one final gargle of sodium silicate, thanks to the now-defunct Cash for Clunkers program, demolition-derby drivers seem to have been left holding the short end of the driveshaft. What the government seems to have forgotten is that many

CARS tells dealers how to kill a C4C's engine

Cash for Clunkers can be a bit complicated, what with last minute rule changes and the multitudes of stipulations ingrained into the program. However, one aspect of C4C that leaves little to the imagination is what happens when a vehicle is turned in under the program: The engine is Chris Shunk

REPORT: Cash-For-Clunkers dealers instructed to kill engines with sodium silicate

According to Bloomberg, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration got wind that some cars being turned in under Germany's Cash-For-Clunkers program were being certified as destroyed, but actually being resold. To prevent that scenario from repeating itself in the U.S., land of Honest Abe, dealers have apparently been instructed to fill the engines of trade-ins with sodium silicate and run them for seven minutes in order to permanently disable them.