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BYU wins SAE 'Formula Hybrid' competition

We can't say we've ever seen a Toyota Prius rip through a slalom course like this, either.

Toyota lowers tow-rating of Tundra, but it's a good thing

Automakers have been on the honor system when stating the tow ratings of their pickups, and that has led to lofty numbers that could only be achieved under a very particular set of ideal conditions. Claiming the biggest number for any truck spec is a big deal, but maximum towing capacity is the crown spec. So it was only natural that these automakers – mainly Ford, General Motors,

Society of Automotive Engineers issues gaseous hydrogen fueling standard

An important part of the work of the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) revolves around establishing standards for automotive design. These standards help engineers design in compatibility so that vehicles can co-exist in the automotive eco-system. Last year, SAE established the J1772 standard for electric vehicle charging connectors. Now, as engineers prepare to gather for the annua

New SAE testing methods admonish Toyota, Honda to hold their horses

The dust continues to settle from the introduction of new horsepower testing standards by the Society of Automotive Engineers, and Japanese automakers are finding a few less ponies in their stables. It turns out that the new testing procedures have resulted in lower horsepower ratings for a number of Toyota and Honda models, while American carmakers have gone largely unaffected.