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The theme of the 2007 Festival of Speed was Spark of Genius – Breaking Records, Pushing Boundaries, and so it's fitting that Land Speed Record (LSR) vehicles were given a special display at this year's event. A group of the vehicles was arranged on the cricket pitch, including several from Bonneville Speed Weeks past. There was the 1960 Challenger 1 (4 engines, 400+ mph), The Blue Flame, which managed better than 630 mph in 1970, a Ford Coupe, some MGs, the 1949 SoCal belly-tank car (198 m

This year's Goodwood Festival of Speed will take place June 22-24. We're excited to report that we will have people on hand for this amazing weekend of historic racing demonstrations and we're looking forward to getting lots of pics to share with all of you. With this year's theme being, 'Spark of Genius – Breaking Records, Pushing Boundaries', it should be an extra special year. And the Festival organizers have just released info about another special gathering being held on the adjacent