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When BMW opted to only make the M5 available with a seven-speed SMG gearbox, the hue and cry from U.S. purists was heard across the ocean. For 2007, BMW has finally decided to appease American customers by equipping the 500 HP uber-saloon with a six-speed manual, much to the apparent disgust of Gerhard Richter, the development chief of the M division.

Whatever stance you take in the automatic versus manual debate, if you haven't done so already, go out and sample a VW or Audi product equipped with the DSG transmission. All the positives – quicker shifts, better fuel economy, geek-cred – far outweigh the negatives and the fact that Porsche, BMW and even Chrysler are looking to develop their own dual-clutch gearbox, should tell you that DSGs are here to stay. Add to the fact that they may also be cheaper to produce and service, it d

Back in June, BMW released all the details about their new M6 convertible, except one – price. Well, the mystery has been solved and those of you who want to own one of the fastest production drop tops in the world can get it at the bargain price of $105,095, including shipping. As a comparison, the carbon fiber, fixed roof model will only set you back $96,795, with shipping and the highfalutin Neiman Marcus Individual M6 will liberate $139,000 from your corporate expense account. However,

According to AutoExpress' sources, Aston Martin will be debuting a six-speed, automated, manual gearbox for its V8 Vantage at the Paris Motor Show. The clutchless setup allows for quick up/down shifts, via steering wheel-mounted paddles, and also a fully automatic mode for sedate cruising.

You're well acquainted with the speculation and rumors surrounding the upcoming release of the M3. Up until this point though, all we've had are blurry spy shots and chance encounters captured by fellow gearheads. However, two Bimmer-centric sites have dropped some very specific, albeit dubious, information about the price, options and most important, power figures, that will find adorn BMW's newest driver's car.